Massive Back Workout With Dana And Rob Bailey | Furious Pete

Posted on Monday, July 8th, 2013 at 9:21 pm and filed under Fitness Girls .

Massive Back Workout With Dana And Rob Bailey | Furious PetePete Joins Dana and Rob Bailey for a Back Workout. Check out the funny bonus video – Furious Pete Shirts –…

  1. suplegend

    your a fucking idiot u just named 4 factors to make some 1 look dif if u would do 4 things to make a man into a woman ull get as? damn close as turining dana in a man

  2. sedadali1998

    That woman is? fucking huge!!

  3. RedundantComments

    She’d look a lot bigger than? the average dude. It’s really impressive.

  4. truppbruh

    would not want a handjob from? Dana…

  5. shawnyeeah

    that girl….omg…is she a professional? bodybuilder?

  6. AntmystaTV

    Rob Bailey? – Try ‘n Hold me back

  7. BpMNameless

    Not my case. Anyways,? I respect people choices, but I
    prefer woman that look like woman, and not man.

  8. BartGBx

    it was dark outside?? you? went training in the middle of the night or what?:p

  9. Ringray10

    sick? fucking video!

  10. sickguy121

    are rob and dana natural?? not that it matters, i was just curious??

  11. andrewbaltimore17

    Why do people? have to make so many negative comments about Dana? Fucking idiots man

  12. goofygonads17

    THE ONLY PERSON WITH THE? GOOD fourm was the girl

  13. AntmystaTV

    Im? off to the gym right now…that girl is huge

  14. FUZ-96

    Shes really pretty, but not attractive at? all

  15. ShrMzyAF

    Dana will only be? good for bjs… Unless her lips have muscle

  16. Vincent Endicott II

    On the? cable rows instead of going to your tummy try staying still and pull it more towards your chest its makes it isolate better! :)

  17. higgo86

    im so? happy pete and the baileys are friends, rob baileys music is my preworkout

  18. obesejim

    cool track. What? is it called?

  19. Flashswag100

    dana O_o. It´s so ugly , when you? are a woman and have so muscles :p

  20. 2jas4

    PETE what is the song?? while you guys are? training?

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