Powerlifting Mock Meet – Two Big PRs! | ChelseaLifts

Posted on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 at 9:24 pm and filed under Fitness Girls .

Powerlifting Mock Meet - Two Big PRs! | ChelseaLiftsNEW Facebook Page: ** Instagram Page: View my workouts: Food Log:…

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  1. straightuptripp

    Great job. You are awesome.? I see a 2x bw deadlift in the near future ;)

  2. Brandon Campbell

    nice work. it’s weird how on some? of those days where you think everything is going against you, you end up having some of your best lifts.

  3. Fanny Timm

    How tall are? you?

  4. Chrisdevex

    Depth was excellent, I have no doubt in an actual? meet you would smash 200 lbs.

  5. chukaai

    good job? on the PRs.

  6. Anthony Hernandez

    Love the song. What is? it? Gratz on the pr’s

  7. Madison Hughes

    Hey you are awesome! Hope to be as strong as you soon. I have a Q but wasn’t sure whether to post here or on facebook. But I really want to bulk at the end of this month, but I’m curious, did you develop some cellulite when you bulked? And did you just ingore it and concentrate on your goals? Just curious because? I’m 99% sure I will develop some cellulite

  8. Victor Wolf Peña

    amazing job!!! keep up? the great work!!

  9. BarbellaFitness

    Very inspiring,? nice job!

  10. Nina blaho

    What? programs have you been on? And what program are you on now?

  11. brockway babe

    that’s? some kinda awesome:)

  12. Henry Woeltjen

    You are going to do great things Chelsea….cannot wait? to see you killing comps. Keep pushing girly.

  13. Ben Rodgers

    This? is awesome!! Great job, Chelsea! You’re looking hardcore’

  14. ChelseaLifts

    LOL yes, when I got these they actually did have hot pink! ?

  15. Brian Nielson

    Brand? And where did? you get them? I am so going to rock those!

  16. Matteyou1986


  17. Brian Nielson

    Great work, Chelsea!!! Do those tights come in hot? pink? I may have to get some of those.

  18. brswanson88


  19. Essayfreak23

    I love? how you not only do these kind of challenges but also make adjustments to your regular routine based on the results. Keep up the excellent work

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