SEXY Bikini Fat Burning Workout!! w Vicky Justiz

Posted on Saturday, July 13th, 2013 at 9:22 pm and filed under Fitness Girls .

SEXY Bikini Fat Burning Workout!! w Vicky JustizThis workout is intense! It will help you get a sexy butt, hot legs, toned abs, lean arms, and a lean sexy bikini body. Its a great full body workout for bot…

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  1. Keeper Filmz

    I think she took over the channel? lol I think she’s extremely cute!! Hi Vicky!!

  2. bangermccrusher

    what a gorgeous? woman…

  3. Abby Burkhardt

    I’m so glad I came across this? channel. Great exercises! All the women do a great job.

  4. doubledown187

    Nice mix :) ?

  5. Vicky Singh

    Picture yourself shredding fat quickly? Well? Fast Fat Furlong will make you lose weight… Period.. Try it for yourself, just search Google Fast Fat Furlong.

  6. NaturalBuete

    Hey Vicky you so? fine you blow my mine hey Vicky lol nh

  7. Pinkhari

    wowow at start it feels? easy but wowow I m finish..

  8. loony10

    she’s cuban and? russian

  9. Clifton100

    gives me butterflyis in stomache?

  10. Tabys Garena

    u should have ur? own channel Vicky!

  11. bonnierox1

    Love herrr !?

  12. mandlbakr

    SEXY- SEXY-? SEXY VICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. thefullstop23

    Vicky should be the? official “fitgurl” for both your channels! Awesome.

  14. S Chil

    Bollocks to all the ‘ sexy / georgeous ‘ comments.
    She’s a really good presenter.
    Give her the? RESPECT she deserves.


    gracias hermosa? :) i appreciate it

  16. Xtown

    that? booty looks like a heart and im in love <3

  17. Steve Everett

    I hope you’re paying these? girls well : )

  18. Rachael Fry

    She looks too young in the face for me to take her seriously or want to listen to any exercise routine she does. Or maybe cause she looks like my? younger 18 yr. old cousin.. lol

  19. sickjohnson

    Vicky is awesome!?

  20. Clifton100

    Vicky is? my favorite

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