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  1. 2000colerg

    The queen rules supreme?

  2. realfunny7

    not only do your pecs & arms explode – your neck expands showing your veins
    - if only I were a vampire I would seek your amazing neck?

  3. Chem Dude

    Holy cow, Micelle! You’ve made tremendous gains. You are becoming one of
    the strongest women anywhere and in this clip you are looking lean.
    WOW!!! Your pecs look thick too! Way to go Shelly!?

  4. silvandblk

    Would love for Santa to put Shelly under my tree for Christmas!!!?

  5. artphon

    Wow! Thank you Michelle! This made my day. It is unbelievable how fast you
    are getting bigger and stronger. Compared to the similar posing in your Nov
    11 video, your biceps have are visibly larger, rounder, and harder. And
    your forearms suddenly look like they have steel beams in them… Larger
    than most women’s (and some men’s) biceps.?

  6. kayaker2525

    You get bigger and more massive by the day!?

  7. Ariane Kosmolowski

    Wow best video to date! :) Super massive!?

  8. spook32

    totally awesome michelle, those biceps are massive, they are getting almost
    every day bulging muscles all over, the delts and biceps are massive had
    and very strong, pec’s are defined and massive, and those forearm muscles
    wow, truly amazing woman michelle, mwah xx ?

  9. Tamar Johnson

    god your so hot hun?

  10. Hawkwave721

    I just want to say first of, very impressive. Second, how often do you
    lift, and third what kind of diet do you maintain? Thank you in advance.?

  11. knight1285

    Wow compliments!!! Your biceps are soooo big and powerful *-*?

  12. realfunny7

    I bet not for long?

  13. realfunny7

    just a jaw dropping lady – your pecs explode as do your biceps & your
    forearms are amazing – you look like you got leaner – your phone must be
    ringing off the hook – oh that lucky guy in your life?

  14. companybum

    Mighty woman, love it if we could see you use your awesome power to lift
    your partner or a friend. Thanks for sharing?

  15. Jonathan Mangold

    Amazing mass, Michelle. I am so impressed. I could feel the ground shaking
    here in Indianapolis when your biceps rolled around! We would like to see
    a nice double biceps next!?

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